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Leo Learns African American Edition

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We want to educate young ones on personality traits/characteristics and positive behaviors. Unfortunately, we live in a society focused on self-pleasure and happiness, often done at the expense of others. This series seeks to teach traits and behaviors that foster and reinforce positive actions, manners, speech, and qualities. We want to inspire children to be excited about learning. Therefore we make our books colorful, engaging, and just long enough to keep the interest of young ones.


Leo is a typical 5-year old full of questions. After all, this is how our young ones learn. The questions he asks and the situations he faces in this day-to-day life can help you and your young one(s). The educational series is designed to give parents and children a helping hand. We are excited about publishing this series and making it available to the word. Read, enjoy and share.

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Leo is a typical five-year-old with lots of questions. But today he wants something. Let's find out what happens when he and Mom go to the pet store.

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Leo is a typical 5-year old so he has a lot to learn. He runs in from school excited to tell his mom something, but she stops him. Why? What does he learn? Discover how you can help teach your child about patience. It's a simple lesson that can have a huge impact on the kind of person your child grows up to become.

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Jason called Leo a name at school. What did he call Leo and is it true? Why did Jason call Leo a name in the first place? Bullying is a subject that we all deal with at one time or another. This story will help make it easier to explain what bullying is and understand why it is done to younger ones. This information can be use to diffuse bullying situations. Leo learns new things all the time. Use him to help teach your child positive character traits and to explain various subjects.

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Leo has a lot of toys in his room and was told to clean it up. it’s taking him a long time to get it done. What does Mrs. Bennet explain to get Leo excited about cleaning his room? The earlier we teach our children to be clean the sooner they will hopefully develop lifelong good habits related to cleanliness. Our good example can also be a motivating factor. Leo doesn’t understand, so Mrs. Bennet explains things in a way that is easy for him to understand.

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Why is Leo scared to get new shoes?

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Leo is bored because he has no one to play with at home. The Bennet family is growing. How will Leo take the news? There are times when a growing family is a good thing for an only child. Other times, this may not be welcomed. It can be difficult for the only child. The subject must be approached with care.

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The Bennets are enjoying the arrival o the new addition, Ashleigh. But, Leo is having a problem with a few changes. He wants to play a game, but he has to wait. Find out why.

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