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Bright Ones DisappearControversy, Intrigue, and Love

It’s good to be intelligent, but having beauty on top of it can be dangerous. Cindy has both beauty and brains and her life is going well. As a celebration for an academic accomplishment, the family vacation is a great idea and it is much needed for Josie, Cindy and Amy.

As Cindy was vacationing with her family and being a ‘Good Samaritan’ it turned into a tragedy. Or did it? Young love, government experiments and more make for a shocker turn of events. The ending is unexpected in more ways than one. Yeah, things start off slow, but then they pick up and take off.

This is the kind of young adult story that juveniles love. Controversy, intrigue and love all wrapped into a quick novella.

Description: A young girl is ripped away from her family to fill an order. But the involved parties financing the order have a life-threatening change of plans. Will Cindy survive? Will her family ever see her again?

Oh, I forgot to mention… this is the 2nd edition. There are more details and the plot thickens!

Purchase your copy today

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