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Books by LJ "Jamela" Thomas 

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LJ Thomas (Jamela) has been writing for over 35+ years. She began with poetry as a child and quickly learned that she absolutely loves writing short stories and the kinds of stories that have a lesson. As a result, she often takes life experiences and weaves a tale for others to enjoy. No, her stories are not about her life, but there is always a very small piece of her in each story.


She tackles social problems, especially women's issues in her stories. She sees herself publishing more short stories and moving into other media realms in the future. She can be reached at and welcomes feedback from her readers. In addition, she writes under LJ Thomas for her nonfiction work. Her most recent publication is The Pursuit of Nappiness. In 2017 she published Tales of Survival: Domestic Violence. She feels this resource book will be invaluable to everyone since domestic violence is such a plague on society and most people do not want to talk about it. Whether we realize it or not, almost everyone knows someone affected by this problem and can use the resources provided in this book.

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