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Caring Characters of Love

Caring Characters of Love introduces sixteen fictional educational characters in a fictional setting. All of the characters are caring and loving with super abilities. They live on a planet called SUPER CyTechRel. It is a beautiful extraordinary super planet located in Cyberspace! The caring characters are created to help students and others have a balanced view of technology, enjoy reading and reject aliteracy which is different from illiteracy.

Caring Characters of Love is a unique interactive educational book that has a strong universal and international appeal. It can capture the attention of as well as intrigue children and adults of various ages and educational backgrounds. It is written on a level that can hold attention and expand the mind.

The seven creative components of the book include: Caring Characters, Related Vocabulary, Fascinating Reading, Heartfelt Poetry, Beautiful Pictures, Exciting Educational Games and Interactive Educational Activities. There are also Special Student Projects and General Lesson Ideas for Teachers.

The information inside this book can help you have a balanced view of technology, enjoy reading, reject aliteracy and enhance your life in other important areas!

A.Y. Davis is an educator, author and humanitarian. She has a passion for teaching children. The pandemic opened a door to marry her creativity, love of children and education. The result is a 394 page workbook. This is a children's book, but we are all children. Therefore, the contents are beneficial to all ages. A.Y. uses her skills as an educator to help children learn about technology and how to better incorporate it into everyday life without being consumed by it.

She lives in the south and has traveled extensively. These and other experiences are food for this book. If you are interested in A.Y. speaking to students at your school, please reach out via email at

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