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Grandpa Carl and Grandma Rosie have been married for 45 years. They are Kim's parents. They have one other child, Helen. They live in the same city with Leo. Grandma doesn't drive and she likes to cook, read and sing for fun. She is a freelance graphic designer and she volunteers to teach children art. Grandpa is a musician and photographer.

Who lives in Leo's World?

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Leo's parents, Kimberly and Jon Bennett have been married for 10 years. They met in college and have two children, Leo and Ashleigh. Jon is is a department manager at a large financial firm. Kimberly is a housewife who loves to cook and she paints as a hobby. Ashleigh is 18 months old, walking, talking and getting into everything. 

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Aunt Helen is Kim’s younger sister, She works at the local hospital as a nurse. She loves her job because she works on the neonatal floor. 

Uncle Ben is Jon's brother. He is a Pediatrician at the local hospital and hopes he will have a big family when he marries Tracie.

Leo Bennet-5 year old precocious young boy, goes to daycare/preschool. 

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