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Season #4

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Check out the guests we featured for publicity

Dr. Doreen Mingo believes in helping young people get the education they need to succeed in life. Watch to find out about the Summer Health Careers Camp available to high school students.


Dr. Mingo has worked hard to help the high school students who come through her Health Careers Summer Program get the most out of it so they can make a good decision regarding what they want to do with the rest of their lives. This program is full of the normal educational stuff, but there are plenty of other things as well. It is an intense program designed to give the student a little taste of the exciting and rewarding medical field. The teaching begins on day one and keeps right ongoing. This is a successful summer camp, but not your typical summer camp.

Charles O. of Global Child Health & Safety Initiative has made it his mission to help keep children safe, educated, and protected. He works in Lagos Nigeria, but also throughout the continent of Africa. Find out about the organization's current and future initiatives in this worthwhile endeavor.

Old Timers Day across from Murphy Houses in the south Bronx, NY takes place on the first Sunday of August, annually. This tradition was started by Vanessa, her brother, and a friend. They have been carrying this on for 19 years. See the importance of community and how it impacts others in a positive way.

Timeka Cobb is the creator of She has risen from teaching herself to code to successfully owning and operating businesses. The Swarzee endeavor I education in scope for everyone. Watch to see how you can benefit.

Recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Tenesa tells all on her discovery during her self breast exam to current treatment efforts.

Wilson High School Homecoming/Tigerfest takes place during the fall (Football season). This is a family-oriented event that begins on Friday night and lasts until Sunday. Find out what makes this high school so special that they get a parade every year.

Enjoy the shows and stay tuned for the next season!

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