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About Us

Purely Positive Network is a media company dedicated to helping others in various areas with integrity, professionalism, and outstanding quality. We do this by bringing exposure to business, events, organizations, persons, and products. Our focus is on being positive. We value our clients and ensure they receive professional, courteous service in all endeavors.

As a result, we have several divisions; Purely Positive Show, Purely Positive Impacts, Purely Positive Magazine, Purely Positive Publishing, Purely Positive Radio.

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We also have a production company operating under the name Jamalajaz Production. This division also handles Jamalajaz Music, Jamalajaz Photography, and Jamalajaz Video. The operation of these entities creates a media group that handles everything from writing to photography to video. 



When you are in need of a company that provides a one-stop shop for your service need, work with Purely Positive Network. Graphic design, publicity, video production, publishing, and more. All under one roof, so your brand stays consistent.

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Graphic Designs

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Video Production

Books and Magazines




Purely Positive Network works with and partners with established and up-and-coming brands and businesses. Our client list is diverse with music moguls, TV networks, authors, nonprofits, and more. 




LJ Thomas is an author, graphic designer, speaker, publicist, and CEO of a media network. As an author, LJ writes, fiction, nonfiction, and children's books.


LJ uses her writing, graphic design, and business skills to gain media attention for her clients as their publicist. She teaches a course on publicity as well.

Owning a media network has helped LJ expand her horizons and soar. She is in the process of creating three new shows and looking for show owners to join her network with over 50 million devices.

She uses all of her skills and talents as she works with clients to bring their vision to life. She holds degrees in business and management and sits on the board of several organizations.


Jaz Thomas provides production/video services, editing, music creation/distribution, and photography under the business name of Jamalajaz Productions. 


As a videographer, Jaz offers services of value, including filming, editing, and final production.


As a well-known photographer, Jaz uses the camera to capture the subject in their natural beauty. This does not mean any makeup. It means he doesn’t pose his subjects unless they want to be posed. He wants them to be natural and that way the photographs are not forced. The subject is relaxed and the camera picks this up with ease.


Music is Jaz’s forte’. He is skilled and talented in writing music for shows, commercials, and artists. As a singer/songwriter and musician the 40+ years Jaz has in the entertainment industry is a bank of knowledge that is used to benefit any client requiring his services


Jaz hold degrees in TV production, broadcasting, and digital filmmaking.



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