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In a world where things are not always what they seem, these young ones find themselves encountering government conspiracies, aliens, and creatures in their tons and homes. What is this world coming to?

What Is This World Coming To? was written at the insistence of my children. These stories were made up to drive boredom away on long car rides. Since the children fell in love with the characters, they insisted and then demanded the stories be made available to others.

I hope you enjoy reading these a much as I enjoyed telling them.

A forest is a beautiful place. A stroll with the treeline is calming and mysterious. It's too quiet. Where are all of the animals?

right tilted ebook living.png
right tilted ebook smart.png

A drink that makes you smarter will make a lot of money. How much will it really cost? Is it worth losing your family?

right tilted ebook dwellers.png

The town has a diverse population and one little girl will find out more than she bargains for. Lonliness and diversity can be strange companions.

right tilted ebook Evie.png

Your grandmother has died and left you a gift passed on from many generations ago. You’re excited to see and use it, but will your family survive?

Jamela is publishing fiction that makes you think.

right tilted ebook tommy.png

Imagine you’re plagued by nightmares, your mother left the family and your dad doesn’t seem to care about you. Why is life so hard? Your dad will finally tell you. Or will he get the chance?

right tilted ebook Xertican.png

Do you really know your family? Imagine you lived with a favorite relative and life is great! But, one day, you're told it is all a lie by someone who is a twin for your relative. Whom do you believe? What do you do since you are only a little kid?

right tilted ebook talent.png

The government wants to use Gary. Is the price worth it?

bright ones cover.jpg

A young girl is ripped away from her family to fill an order. But the involved parties financing the order have a life-threatening change of plans. Will Cindy survive? Will her family ever see her again?

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