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The Purely Positive Show is dedicated to spotlighting positive people doing positive things for a positive community. You know, the people who do good things to help others or just out of the goodness of their heart. We give the needed publicity to the people who deserve it.

You see, the local, national, and international news is often filled with negative reports. While this may be information we need and have a right to know, it is depressing. We often see an attempt at an offset of the negativity through a human interest piece of a couple of minutes. In a 30 minute broadcast with 23 minutes of negativity, 2 minutes doesn't make much of an impact.

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This is where the Purely Positive Show steps in and makes a real impact. How? We do a 20-30 minute interview focusing on the positive. We broadcast it internationally through or streaming partners for everyone to see.

Are you a Purely Positive Person doing good things? Do you know a purely positive person? Great, reach out to us at We would love to find out what you do and discuss doing a feature on you.

NOTE: If you are interested in advertising on the show, contact

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