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Purely Positive Network is a media company dedicated to helping others. We do this by bringing exposure/visibility to books, brands businesses, causes, events, organizations, persons, products, and services. Our focus is on being positive and we use writing, graphic design, and music/video production. We value our clients and ensure they receive professional, courteous service in all endeavors.


As a result, we have several divisions; Purely Positive Show (spotlights positive people doing positive things for a positive community), Purely Positive Impacts (publishing books, magazines, and volunteer endeavors), South Carolina Gets lit (Show exposing authors and building readers), and Positive Business (show giving visibility to entrepreneurs, businesses, and products). Art, Arts & mo’ Artz is a show bringing the work of artists to the world.


We also have a production company operating under the name Jamalajaz Production. This division also handles Jamalajaz Music, Jamalajaz Photography, and Jamalajaz Video. The operation of these entities for a media group handles everything from writing music to photography to video. 

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Positive Business is a show giving business owners, corporations, organizations and more the opportunity to make an investment and see a return.

To be featured on the show

Dr. Deanne De Vries is the international bestselling author of Africa: Open for Business. She explains why doing business in Africa is advantageous.


Dr. Deanne is a world renowned expert on Africa. She has several books in publication and has been on the big stage TedEX.  Don't miss this interview where Dr. De Vries gives us the knowledge to help us prosper by doing business with Africa.


Visit her on and connect via social media: 




Be sure to get the book, available on Amazon ( and

Nathan Daniely is the CEO of Tecodafi Financing, LLC. This company is here to help when the bank says no. 


Nathan Daniely is a serial entrepreneur. He works with companies to help get funding for businesses. This interview provided so much valuable information that I was speechless.


Here is how you can get in touch with Nathan Daniely


Ph. # 855-792-7922

Pinterest look up Tecodafi Financing LLC

Daniely Delights LLC on FaceBook

Ph. # 478-283-0292

Meet the dynamic young chef who is cooking with love and warming the hearts of her customers. Tanesha is a young entrepreneur who is classically trained in the culinary arts. She and her mother have Baker's Choice Catering making authentic dishes to excite the palate and warm the soul. Find out what she has planned and how you can taste her delicious food.


IG: @iam_bakerschoice

FB: Baker’s Choice Catering

Twitter: @IamChefNesha

It Smells Familiar: Reggie is a serial entrepreneur and has been in business since the mid-80s. Over the last 10 years, he has built It Smells Familiar. A thriving business focusing on premium essential oils. His tagline, “Everyone deserves to smell amazing’ is his goal with each person he comes in contact with at shows and events. Check out how he is able to make designer scents available to everyday people.


Follow him on:


Facebook: It Smells Familiar

Email or call (678)306-6175

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