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Nonfiction Books

LJ Thomas writes nonfiction to help the target audience. These books are thought-provoking and used as resources.

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LJ Thomas takes us on a journey through a life with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She uses interviews with caregivers, medical staff, and diagnosis stories to help us understand how unpredictable this chronic disease really can be. In addition, she lists disability resources and a glossary of commonly used terms related to MS. This book is perfect for a newly diagnosed MS patient, or someone who wants to find out more about relapsing-remitting MS.

Are you an abuser? This book is filled with information for an honest self-evaluation. I was an abuser, but I made the necessary changes to stop that destructive behavior. I did it because I truly love my husband and I do not want to ever hurt him. I do not want him to fear me and I never want to control him. As domestic violence continues to plague society, there are survivors of injustice who are speaking out. Statistics show an increase, even among men. Read these survival accounts and the words of hope and encouragement within these pages.


In addition, there are resources for safety and warning signs. Use these warning sign to evaluate yourself honestly. Prevention is also covered as much as it can be. Inflicting domestic abuse is a choice. You do not have to be a victim or remain a silent casualty. There is help.

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Manual for formatting, publishing, and marketing your book. The resources, techniques, and tips in this ebook will help you to market how you will drive sales for your book.


The journey to natural hair bliss is a winding road. Much is involved from researching to making the decision to do the big chop and then finding your ultimate style. It’s exciting and can be frightening at the same time. Nappy utopia can be achieved.

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