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Season #6

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Check out the guests we featured for publicity

Alisha Griffin is the founder of the National Council on Family and Domestic Violence ( LJ Thomas talks with her for Domestic Violence Awareness Month about how the coronavirus is having an impact on domestic violence.

Does your monthly breast exam really help? Is it okay if I use Lyrical Thoughts? I want to draw attention to the fact that you are a poet and use this subtle marketing to bring awareness to your upcoming book.


Cynthia Walker is a survivor. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we interviewed her as she talked about surviving breast cancer twice!  In addition, we talked about her coping mechanism. She provides some information everyone needs to know. 

Julian talks about his graphic novel comic series #BlackHeart. You can check it out at Julian Thomas is doing other things, check them out in the video.

Tenesa talks to us about her new book: The Power of You and what keeps her on the POSITIVE path. Find out all the things she is doing with her brand.

Lyrical Thoughts is a poet. She has been writing for years. She has made your poems available during National Novel Writing Month. Check out all the details

Gregg is a renowned poet, entrepreneur, global host, and more. He has a partnership with the Mental Health Center of Denver, Colorado. Let’s find out how this came about, who benefits and how.

Selena is a survivor of domestic violence who is determined to make a difference. In her mission to help others, she has created and established a nonprofit organization. Let’s find out about Selena’s House. 

Have you ever wondered how parents with sick children who need specialized care get to see their doctor's hundreds or even thousand’s of miles away? After all, no loving parent wants to see their child suffer from an illness or never get better. Executive director of Children’s Flight of Hope, Pat Nelli.

Once I contacted them (@B2Sadultliteracy), I was shocked to discover how widespread the problem is in the country. Erezi Edoreh is the Director of SpellAfrica Initiative, the Organization and Project Founder SpellAfrica B2S Adult Literacy.


You can learn more about the Spell Africa Initiative at Catch up with them on Instagram @B2Sadultliteracy or email them at You can also reach out via phone. Just call +234 813 614 8646. The organization is also looking for sponsors and teachers. Find out what you can do to help decrease the literacy rate in Nigeria.

Purely Positive talks with Dr. Tonya Blackmon CEO of Conglomerate Empowerment. She is a best-selling author (2x's) and she is a speaker. She discusses her latest project and gives us some information on top of that. Check it out. 


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Wanda is a nurse, motivator, and fitness enthusiast. She always has great information. Today she talks with us about wellness and ways to deal with stress, especially during this pandemic.

Purely Positive talks with Barbara Heller as she gives us the reason behind her award winning song and video, You are Gold ( As a content creator and coach, Barb has a lot on her plate, but she made the time to do something to help herself and others. 



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Join us as we speak with  Gloria Marie. She is a survivor, advocate, and entrepreneur. Learn what she survived and how she did it. Find out what her cause is and why. You don't want to miss this interview.


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@lizzieharding1backup-Elizabeth Harding Weinstein is a mom fighting pedophilia, judicial tyranny, police corruption, gaslighting & narcissism.


@katiesalzano- Katie Salzano is a mom trying to bring her daughter Kaia home. Her official page is @kaiarosaofficial

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