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About the Leo Learns Series

Mission:  We want to educate young ones on personality traits/characteristics and positive behaviors. Unfortunately, we live in a society focused on self-pleasure and happiness, this is often done at the expense of others. This series seeks to teach traits and behaviors that foster and reinforce positive actions and manners, speech and qualities. We want to inspire children to be excited about learning. Therefore we make our books colorful, engaging and just long enough to keep the interest of young ones.

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Leo is a precocious 5-year old who has a lot of questions. These questions can be a source of education, explanation and examples for the child or children in your life. He is learning every day and wants answers to the things he doesn’t know. The Leo Learns series is explaining things in a fun and entertaining way. Many times children will ask questions or display behaviors we do not like as parents and adults. Leo can help other children learn things and change negative behavior. My grandson inspired me to write this series. He is an inquisitive little boy and the questions he asks are things that we can all use. Parents have been reading the books with their children and a new communication opportunity has been opened up. 

One parent said, “I like the fact that the story is simple, but the lesson is really important. I get to explain to my daughter the importance of the lesson in the book. She never realizes that she is being taught something. She just likes Leo and wants to do things like him. This is a wonderfully entertaining and teaching tool. Thank you…oh and your grandson!”

Another parent said that it was genius to write the books with my grandson. She said that way I will always address the things on the minds of children. I wholeheartedly agree and that has been the goal from the first book. We are just getting started, but look out for much more to come. Leo Learns will always be here to teach not only children, but adults as well.

Children respond when they understand, simply giving an explanation can go a long way. While this may not work for all children, it does not hurt to give it a try. The Leo Learns series will focus on positivity in behavior, speech and thinking. If we do not start educating our children when they are small, they will grow up to display attitudes and behaviors and expect not to be held accountable.

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