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Mission: To build lifelong readers who will grow into lifelong learners who can educate themselves out of poverty. We are determined to help decrease the illiteracy rate in the state one child at a time through reading, writing, mentoring and educational programs focused on winning this war on children. We are starting with the battle for better reading and writing.

This organization is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of citizens in the community. We will do this through reading education programs to encourage and foster life-long readers. Our show interviews authors, established and new, to inspire others. Our hope is to build a society of readers for a lifetime through the art of writing.


This show is a fundraiser for our programs. The author gets some exposure and the program gets a donation. It’s a win-win for everyone, the author and the children. We fight illiteracy through South Carolina Gets Lit! 


The author interviews will be seen on this website, Youtube, Facebook, and Amazon FireTV. More distribution coming soon!


This is global exposure for you and your book. Who knows what kind of projects can come from an interview like this. We are an author marketing resource.

Steps easy as 1,2,3,

1. Submit an email request

2. Schedule interview

3. Get interviewed (the episode airs globally)-Fire TV, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, and more!

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This literacy program contains all the components necessary to master reading and writing. We also help up-and-coming authors with their publishing goals. The mission will be accomplished by working with individuals who need education, guidance, and/or a plan to reach their publishing goal. Our aim is to allow an individual to build self-esteem regarding their objectives and achieve them. South Carolina Gets Lit, LLC is a family of like-minded persons and support staff dedicated to producing morally encouraging and positive books. We believe it is important to educate the world. This education may take unexpected forms, including audiobooks, ebooks, and of course trade paperback and hardcover books.


We provide training and consultations on literary publishing. We offer a wide variety of services. This literacy campaign thoroughly evaluates the manuscript submissions received. South Carolina Gets Lit, LLC wants to provide books that allow individuals to learn in some way. Our motto is “Read. Learn. Grow. succeed.” We will not glorify violence, immorality, or the paranormal. 

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We adhere to Christian standards and are eager to work with individuals who have a goal and are ready to work toward seeing it come to fruition. In any business endeavor, hard work is required. Therefore, we require that a goal sheet is completed after consultation and before the contract is signed (publishing). The steps for a client’s endeavor are laid out to ensure the process follows a logical progression and keeps everyone motivated and grounded.


We look to work with providers of early childhood care and development or pre-school education, primary education, and adult literacy and education to address educational disadvantage among vulnerable families. Evidence shows that such an approach also helps to overcome gender disparities.

LaRosa (LJ) Thomas has been working with children ever since she can remember. This picture and article as done in the early 90's. 

During this time she was encouraging, inspiring, and teaching children to read and love books and literature.  Now that she is back in South Carolina, she is determined to pick up where she left off. South Carolina Gets Lit, LLC is exposing authors and building readers., 

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