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Season #5

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Check out the guests we featured for publicity

Dianna Washington talks with us about the expansion of Infinity Farmz to become Infinity's D.O.P.E. Dianna Washington (Barnes) is the founder of Infinity Farmz, which grows healthy fruits and vegetables and is committed to feeding those in food deserts and more. She is also the owner Infinity Essentials, which produces natural body products that promote healing. She is back to give us an update on all of the things she has in the works and wow! Watch to find out what she has going on and how you can connect.

Diamond is a young woman serving (ministering) the community in a unique way. She works with youth to help guide them as she motivates them to do the right thing. Her philosophy is enlightening and insightful. She has found a way to reach young ones and older ones. Diamond has a plan and is working to help others in the community make and reach their goals. Watch, like and share this inspiring video as this young person works to help other young persons.

O.G. Mack Drama is an African-American/Venezuelan music producer and promoter. He is a very successful businessman. operating several Indie record labels, a consulting group, a radio network, writer for several blogs & magazines. He feels a responsibility because at one time he was instrumental in spreading the urban blight called gangs. It’s his own personal atonement helping young rap artists make it in music. One less victim for the streets. He also imparts knowledge to those he works with once a business relationship has been formed.

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for the next season!

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