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Need to get publicity for your book, brand, business, cause, event, product, or service, but don't think you can afford it?

Don't sweat it. I’ve got whatcha need!

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Here’s what you’re gonna learn:

5 Popular and free publicity tips in under 30 minutes (I realize you are busy)


5 Principles that every publicist uses to get attention


10 common publicity myths debunked so you can get the right kind of attention

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This training is for you if …


You are sick of hoping and wishing for media attention


Your publicity plan is nonexistent


You believe your business can move to the next level with the right kind of attention

Hey, I'm LJ!

I’m determined to help you get the media attention you deserve using everyday tools the right way.


I believe you can garner media attention that will blow your mind with a little guidance. This will not only get you noticed, but it will drive traffic and help grow your business, even if you can’t afford a publicist!


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