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Read. Learn. Grow. Succeed

Purely Positive Impacts seeks to provide an educational publishing experience of children’s books (fiction and nonfiction) in partnership with the author for a mutually beneficial relationship whereby the author gains the knowledge of how to publish, market, and impact the reading audience. In addition, we seek to decrease the illiteracy rate by producing visually stimulating and entertaining reading material for young readers. We are happy to discuss the details of your project, Contact us at


Purely Positive Magazine (coming soon), published under this imprint features brands, businesses, individuals, and organizations positively impacting the community and society. It may be a local teacher, a custodian or even a store clerk. There are people doing good things everyday and in this world of negative news, we need to hear about it. We need this beacon of light to shine on us.

If you know someone who fits this description or you are interested in being featured in the magazine, reach out to us at

NOTE: We are also accpting advertisers for the following ad sizes: classified (4 lines with no graphic, classified (4 lines with graphic and/or link), 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full page ads, 2-page spreads, inside back cover, outside back cover. Please contact us to discuss your advertising needs.

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Purely Positive Publishing is a hybrid boutique publishing company offering services to those who want to see their work in print, but more importantly, we are concerned with a good resulting product. We are here to help up-and-coming authors accomplish their publishing goals. We are not the publishing company that can get your book done in a week or 90 days. We are the publishing company that follows a process to produce a book that you can be proud of through, editing, design, layout, and final production.

The mission is accomplished by working with individuals who need education, guidance and/or a plan to reach their goals. Our aim is to allow an individual to build self-esteem regarding their publishing objectives and achieve them. Purely Positive Publishing is a family of like-minded persons and support staff dedicated to producing morally encouraging and positive books. We believe it is important to educate the world. 

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We provide training and consultations on literary publishing. We offer a wide variety of services. However our literary division focuses on children’s books and educational publications. We are thoroughly evaluating the manuscript submissions received. This means we will not accept and/or publish just anything. We want to ensure that the product has market value for all involved. PP Publishing wants to provide books that allow individuals to learn in some way through life experience, which educate on health issues, or perhaps a children’s book which teaches a lesson. Our motto or tagline is “We publish what matters.” We will not glorify or accept books with extreme violence, profane language, sexual immorality, or the paranormal. 

We adhere to Christian standards and are eager to work with individuals who have a goal and are ready to work toward seeing it come to fruition. In any business endeavor, hard work is required. Therefore, we require that a goal sheet is completed after consultation and before the contract is signed (publishing). The steps for a client’s endeavor are laid out to ensure the process follows a logical progression and keeps everyone motivated and grounded.


Our team is here to ensure you have a book you will proudly promote to others. Contact us at to discuss the details of your publishing project. See our global digital distribution below.

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We are actively seeking partnerships with educational institutions to foster a love of reading for children. Contact

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