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PPN Publicity is a boutique publicity firm providing every facet of media attention. This includes traditional media (magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV) and new media (blogs, podcasts, and websites) for our clients. We use our graphic design, writing, and production skills to make sure you get noticed. We have done publicity for authors, books, brands, businesses, events, music artists, organizations, and individuals.

The use of our in-house writing and graphic design skills coupled with video production gives PPN Publicity an unmatched edge. We save time because we can consult with our client on every aspect of the publicity plan from the beginning, This also sets expectations for both the client as well as our staff.

What services do we offer? 

1. We produce graphics (logo, flyers, posters, business cards, EPK’s, and more)

2. We also create videos(music and training), infomercials, and commercials
3. We write your bio, press releases, and news articles for magazines, websites, and newspapers

4. We also promote via social media on up to 3 platforms


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Contact us via email at

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