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After Covid-19: Now What?

I realize that I haven’t posted an article about Covid-19 in a while. The news is so depressing and I have been dealing with some leftover things. Let me explain. Seer I literally had the novel coronavirus in early February. This was during the time that they were not testing for it because no one really knew what it was. So my husband, sister and daughter suffered through it. My husband and I had the worse cases in the house because we both have asthma and other underlying health issues.

Fast forward to months later when we are testing negative and these are the things I am left with. (Let me remind you that even at the end of April, I was still testing positive for Covid-19. Since May I am consistently negative and I’m tested monthly to make sure I do not endanger my heroic healthcare workers that I see each month.)

Increased loss of balance Shortness of breath Debilitating fatigue Heart palpitations (beats per minute race as high as 164) Chest pain Loss of smell and taste Pain (joint and muscle) Lack of concentration and thinking Insomnia

I was having so many issues (chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue) based on my health, that I made an appointment to see my cardiologist thinking I was developing a heart condition. He tested me for a blood clot and looked at my heart. I love him because of his honesty and he is a good doctor. He actually said, “You are a mess.”

“I know.” I half-heartedly replied.

I had provided him with a list of medical complaints going back at least a month (it should have been longer since these things started back in February when I initially became ill with Covid-19). The list contained all of the things I believe related to my heart, so some of the stuff mentioned above was not there.

He was stumped and said where he would start.

However, I do know that the shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain and imbalance are definitely new, at least since I got sick in February. So, I did some digging around and discovered that there are a few things that Covid-19 leaves behind. After speaking with other survivors, the things mentioned on the list above are common among us and not all inclusive.

Don‘t believe me? Check out the article from the CDC.

Oh, you don’t trust the CDC? I understand. Then check out the article from the Mayo Clinic.

That is not enough for you, then read what the American Heart Association says.

Still doubtful? Read a ScienceMag article.

Here is an article from a research team at Mira to help you understand.

Needless to say, this novel coronavirus is very serious. People are dealing with long-term effects. This is not going away. We have to find a way to stop the spread and protect ourselves.

As I have mentioned before, I will be masking and gloving up well into 2021 and beyond. I’m limiting time outside, avoiding contact with others and frequently washing my hands and sanitizing anything I touch and my living space. Having Covid-19 was bad enough, but to be left with lingering problems is mind-blowing. I do not wish this on my worse enemy, it was that bad.

While I am fortunate to have survived, especially with my medical history, I am not allowing myself to become complacent. This are getting worse. More people are dying because, in general, people want things to get back to normal. NEWSFLASH, this is the new normal until a cure is found. WAKE UP, PEOPLE. You can make a difference for yourself and those you know and love.

LJ Thomas is the host of the Purely Positive show. She is also the author of two children’s book educational series’, Leo Learns About and Billie’s Place. She can be reached via email (

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