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I Woke Up Angry!

So I woke up angry this morning. Why? I finally got my test results back yesterday [4/27/20] (tested on Saturday 4/25/20) and I am positive for Covid-19! I have been trying to get tested since the beginning of March because I am in a vulnerable group.

Was I one of these people you see out walking around without a mask or gloves on? No.

Was I always out in public disregarding the 6 feet of social distancing? No

Was I coughing, had a fever or shortness of breath? No.

Was I exposed to the virus as far as I knew of? No.

Was I washing my hands and avoiding touching my face? Yes

Was I disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces on a regular basis (for me this was done daily)? Yes

Was I at home (exceptions: supply runs to grocery store twice and three doc appointments)? Yes

Now, I know this disease is airborne. I know there is little known about it. I correctly deduced that there would probably be people who are positive and do not show any symptoms. I also figured that people in general would not follow the recommended guidelines and cause more problems.

So guess what? I am asymptomatic. I have a weakened immune system thanks to multiple sclerosis and I have a few other underlying health issues. But, no symptoms! If I have these medical problems and am positive with no symptoms, how many other people are like that walking around potentially infecting others? Hence, the wisdom of the shelter in place orders. Yes, cabin fever is real. I’d rather be safe and have the chance to get cabin fever than be dead (or as my grandmother used to say “Pushing up daisies.”)

I’m angry because I have been caring for a premature baby since September and now I have put him at risk. I truly believe more could have been done in relation to testing. Especially when it was explained that I have these issues.

I want everyone to know that this virus is not to be played with. They do not know a lot about how it works, how you can get it and other things. People, please try to maintain good health, follow the distancing and sanitation guidelines and stay safe. Stay home.

I did everything I was supposed to do, but as my sister and I joked yesterday, Corona got Rosie anyway. It just shows that you cannot be too careful. Stay home, it’s not safe out there.


LJ Thomas

LJ Thomas is the creator and author of the Leo Learns educational children’s series. She is also the creator and host of the Purely Positive show. She can be reached via email at

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