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Leya R Elijah-Always Doing Good

I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who captured my #heart recently. She spoke at an #womensempowerment event in #Florence, SC back in August. I was so taken with her speech that I was determined as I cried that I would have her on my show.

Little did I know, my producer had already reached out to her and the stage was already set. When I tell you she is not only a woman of faith, she is also a woman of integrity and strength.

As I've gotten to know her over the last few weeks, I've learned so much about her and what she does. I was surprised to learn that she has some physical obstacles, but she does not allow these to stop her from doing the things she is passionate about. Anyone who knows Leya can tell you that she is a busy person. She is always doing something and giving back.

She is a #PurelyPositivePerson. She works with youths and she is passionate about it. This work teaches these young one's self-esteem, self-worth and so much more. She was on the Purely Positive show telling the world about the things she does.

Be sure to reach out to Leya via social media and follow.

Follow on


IG: @leya.lovely.lady or @thisiswhatafighterlookslike

Twitter: @lovelyladyleya


Leya loves collaboration and working with others. Be sure to contact her to see how you can work together. You can also reach Leya via email at

LJ Thomas is a CEO, publicist, and graphic designer as well as the author of the children's educational series, Leo Learns About. She is also the creator and host of the Purely Positive show. She can be reached on her website or via email at For those interested in partnering with Purely Positive Impacts on educational endeavors surrounding literacy, please reach out via email at

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