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Purely Positive Impacts

The pandemic has made me evaluate my life and the impact I have on others. While I am practicing my social distancing, wearing a face mask in public at all times, washing my hands frequently and staying away from others, especially if I am sick, I realize this is not enough.

There is more and more negative news on a whole. To help me keep a positive outlook on things, I began a video blog. it is helping others as well and it has grown into so much more. It helps me appreciate the things other people do to have a positive impact on the world. It makes me smile and it warms my heart.

Yes, we have had a few challenges and obstacles due to health and then the coronavirus. However, these things have done nothing but make us more determined to help others. The best way for me to do this is through Purely Positive interviews and exposing the good that is being done.

We spotlight positive people doing positive things for a positive community. Purely Positive Show’s hiatus is ending. The production company born out of the video blog is poised to provide content over streaming platforms and offer other services. We are looking forward to doing more live interviews (while practicing social distancing). When things allow, we will be doing community events as well.



As an author, I’m looking forward to interviewing fellow authors who are doing positive things and who have written positive books.

We know that being positive is a choice. We can make it a good choice. So stay tuned for your chance to be on the show. I’ll be talking with ya soon!

Contacts:,, IG and Facebook (Purely Positive show)

LJ Thomas is the host of the Purely Positive Show running for 5 seasons. Author of the children’s education series Leo learns, Billie’s place and the upcoming Adventures of Khloe. The Purely Positive show is only one component of the Purely Positive Network.

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