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What are you doing to help Literacy?

Angela Thomas Smith saw a problem and desired to do something about it. Let me be more specific, Angela saw a problem in an after school program that she started. The children (Babies as she calls them) were not reading the books. When she asked why, she discovered that they wanted to people who look like them. Her answer to that problems to bring in professionals that looked like the children in fields they were interested in. So, a black doctor, Vet and so on. This sparked the children o read.

I admire what Angela did, because she did not stop there. She went on to start the African American Authors Literacy Awareness Campaign. She believe that black and brown people need this kind of resource. She is correct. I happen to believe that when a love of reading is develop and it’s life-long, that you also create life-long learners.

Still, Angela Thomas Smith did not stop. She has gone on to start a magazine to help authors gain exposure. The Aspiring Authors Magazine is a great resource to find new, established and sought after authors. Check out the magazine on Facebook (

In honor of National Novel writing Month (November), Angelas was interview on the Purely Positive Show. (

You can see the interview here and learn ho to contact her and work with her. She has a successful podcast and Youtube channel. If you don’t know who she is, take the time to get to know her and see what she does. We need more women like her.

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