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What New Show Fights Illiteracy?

Well, National Novel Writing Month has come and gone, but the issue of illiteracy is still with us. It bothers me, more than I can say. In fact, it bothers me so much that I have been inspired to do something about it (thank you Angela Thomas Smith of the African American Authors Literacy Awareness Campaign).

What did I do? I created a new show. Many of you already know that I have a successful TV show across multiple platforms (the Purely Positive Show) and we are going into our 8th season in January 2022. I thought about it and realized that I can use that success to help decrease illiteracy. As a result, a new show was born!

South Carolina Gets Lit isn't just a show where authors can talk about their books and get exposure. It is also a fundraising platform raising money for programs to help children read and write. We are going to be working with notable mentors and advocates, such as Onika T. Brown, Angela Thomas Smith, Leya R. Elijah, and more.

Now, you may be wondering how this program helps you if you do not live in South Carolina. The simple answer is of course the exposure. The show will be available on Amazon Fire TV and Roku as well as other streaming outlets. In addition, there is always the opportunity for added exposure for authors via the publicity services LJ Thomas offers.

The donation to the fundraiser is only $50. We use this money to buy supplies, pay for the building, and more. Our goal is to help these young ones develop a love of reading and become lifelong readers. We will encourage lifelong learning through reading. This will help these young ones grow into adults who can read their way out of poverty, have better self-esteem and so much more. Reading is a gateway. We can no longer allow the gate to be closed to anyone, but especially the children. If we do, we are failing them.

Help us fight this battle so we can win the war on children. To be featured on the show, you must be a published author with a buy link. Submit your author name, book cover, description, genre, title, and a headshot to We look forward to having you on the show. You can also check out the Facebook page. The website is still under construction.

Remember to keep reading and writing!

South Carolina Gets Lit is a member of the Purely Positive Network.

NOTE: We are actively looking for partners, sponsors and advertisers. Please send an email to

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