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Dr. Carolyn Stephens is Making Moves

Dr. Carolyn Stephens is an author, therapist, and CEO of Blackhouse Collaborations. She has many years of experience as a licensed therapist and has worked with men and women of varying ages. This is important because she has taken this knowledge and used it to help her people, African Americans as a whole.

It is a known fact that African Americans have some mental illness issues which are engrained because of the history of the race in this country. These issues need to be addressed in order for the “people” to heal and be able to grow. How could this be accomplished?

Dr. Carolyn Stephens purposed to publish a book to help African American women. The book is called I Am A Black Woman. This book was designed to give the Black woman a voice to express herself and tell her story. Published during the pandemic (February 2020) it strives to give a, “...message of hope, love, and unity is both powerful and pure. Individually, each story is unique, and each voice has its own purpose.”

Dr. Carolyn frequently gives little mini sessions on her Facebook page to help others. She was recently interviewed on the Purely Positive show.

Dr. Carolyn is a family therapist and family support specialist. This page is designed to provide mental health/wellness resource information, make a confidential therapy appointment, and engage in group sessions.

If you have not connected with Dr. Carolyn Stephens, you should. Her brand of therapy is unique and it works. To learn what else she has going on check out her latest interview, above.

LJ Thomas is a CEO, publicist, and graphic designer as well as the author of the children's educational series, Leo Learns About. She is also the creator and host of the Purely Positive show. She can be reached on her website or via email at For those interested in partnering with Purely Positive Impacts on educational endeavors surrounding literacy, please reach out via email at

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