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Edo Women Founders and Lilian Ehigie

Tomorrow is another big day for Imarenakhue Lilian Ehigie and Edo Women Founders. Why is it another big day? First, they did a virtual launch of the platform on August 21, 2021. It was amazing. There were speakers from around the world and the topics were so valuable that it was hard to pull away. The theme for the conference was POWER. This was appropriate in many ways.

If you missed the launch, you can still be a part of the initiative. First, let's explain what the Edo women Founders of Entrepreneurs do. "Our Mission is to Influence more women to start their business through passion, determination as we hold the ladder firmly for them to climb up through training, mentoring, fundraising, analysis, and test of the market. Exposing them to the national and international markets. connect Edo women business owners with other women entrepreneurs in Nigeria and abroad.

Check out the speakers at The organization is based in Nigeria, Africa and is helping women entrepreneurs. These are women passionate about success. Find out about the organization, the latest news, and how you can help. You can register your business and help out in so many ways. To learn even more check out this video

If you are interested in working with the Edo women Founders of Entrepreneurs, please get in touch with Lilian. She is looking for collaborations and opportunities for business and marketing. Contact them via the website or via email:

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