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Seeking Magazine Articles and Features

usinesses, and organizations giving back. Location doesn’t matter.

What does this mean for you? Simply the Purely Positive Magazine will continue the legacy bringing positivity to society. This time through stories and features about the good that others do. Think of the magazine as the printed version of the Purely Positive show.

We will have special editions dedicated to our members of society who are making a difference. There are some people who give positive vibes just by the career they have chosen. Others make an effort to do this through their actions.

Purely positive Magazine will help bring these people to light. Others need to know about the things being done. If you are or you know of someone who falls into this category, let us know.

We are also looking for advertisers. Add sizes start at a small classified ad and go all the way up to the full page and cover ads.

Keep in mind, not only will the magazine be available digitally, but the issues can also be accessed via the website (coming soon). We have global distribution and this is an exciting time to help make something positive shine.

So contact us at with your proposal for a story. We are launching soon. Don’t wait.

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